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As the sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars move through Virgo, they each create relationships with Uranus, planet of innovation; Saturn, planet of discipline; and Pluto, planet of transformation.

Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

This set-up encourages us all to work in ways that are efficient and sustainable—so the the long-lasting changes we need to make can take place. Virgo Season supports your most innovative ideas for your work projects. The more you believe in your vision, the clearer it becomes. Trust your instincts. Virgo Season sets you up for positive changes. Virgo Season encourages you to clean out the clutter in your home. Open up the closet doors that rarely get cracked. The focus this month is on minimizing excess and freeing up your energy.

Virgo Season will help you focus on the practical use of your days. This moment in time also teaches you how to get your ideas across to the masses. Virgo Season wants you to beat your personal best. Your financial situation is begging for a breakthrough, and how you make a living is undergoing changes. This is your time to shine, Virgo. Your season is staked with cosmic support, assisting you to make big, yet sustainable changes.

Breakthroughs abound and sincere self-expression helps you develop a relationship to your creativity. The skies are begging you to believe in yourself—and risk letting everyone else know you do. Virgo Season asks you to clean out the back rooms of your life. It wants you to create some space, a room of your own, a place for you to retreat to. Virgo moons excel at creating comprehensive, dynamic systems for themselves and, perhaps even more importantly, for others.

They love to be helpful and are always fulfilled when contributing in practical ways. Libra is symbolized by the scales, a visual representation of balance, harmony, and union. Those born under this lunation are natural mediators, and Libra moons are happiest when keeping the peace. They also thrive in partnership, so it's common to find Libra moons moving seamlessly between relationships.

Scorpio is a water sign, known for its high-octane emotional intensity. Scorpio moons crave deep connections and transformative experiences, and they also take privacy seriously. Those with this placement should honor it by creating and maintaining boundaries. Sagittarius is the last fire sign, represented by the archer. Sagittarius is known for brazen curiosity, and Sagittarius moons are fulfilled by philosophy, travel, and intellectual expansion. Those born under this placement are always on a quest, and it's important for them to have the freedom to explore and embrace the unknown.

Hardworking and industrious, Capricorn is renowned for a steadfast dedication. Within a moon placement, Capricorn is fulfilled through successes and achievements. Those born under this lunation take their responsibilities seriously, connecting their emotions to their accomplishments. The Capricorn moon should always be working toward a goal.

Aquarius is the most humanitarian sign of the zodiac, so those born under this moon experience their emotions as part of the collective experience. The Aquarius moon is fueled by egalitarianism, so these individuals often emote based on their values rather than their sensitivities. The Aquarian moon wants to do the right thing — even if that means putting the greater good above their own needs. The final sign of the zodiac is associated with great empathy and innate psychic powers. Accordingly, sensitive Pisces moons are constantly absorbing energy.

They feel deeply, and without an anchor, they can easily be engulfed in a sea of emotions. Those with this placement should honor their moon sign by celebrating their otherworldly creativity and benevolent generosity.

October Moon Signs - Dates and Times

Remember, an intimate connection with your moon sign can yield rich emotional rewards and a deeper understanding of what makes you tick. In addition to reading your sun sign's horoscope, you may find it helpful to read the one for your moon sign for a fuller picture of what the stars have in store for you. Your moon sign could point you toward what you need: Is your Cancer moon craving more intimacy with a friend? Is your Taurus moon seeking self-care through at-home pampering?

Ultimately, understanding this placement is one more tool for celebrating and nourishing your entire self.

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Find Aliza on Instagram , Twitter , and her website. By Kaleigh Fasanella. By Leah Prinzivalli. Aries Moon The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is known for an impulsive and fiery disposition. Taurus Moon Taurus is one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac.

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Gemini Moon Gemini is known for mercuriality after all, this air sign is governed by Mercury. Cancer Moon The moon governs Cancer, so as a moon sign, Cancer is in its planetary domicile. Leo Moon Leo is ruled by the sun, but in a moon placement, this fire sign needs to work twice as hard to make sure it's visible. Virgo Moon Virgo is the most analytical sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius Moon Sagittarius is the last fire sign, represented by the archer. Capricorn Moon Hardworking and industrious, Capricorn is renowned for a steadfast dedication.

You have the power to take your life anywhere. This is a beautiful time to do some very real and personal healing. Reserve some alone time so you can deeply connect with your inner voice and understand your true needs. Meditative and therapeutic activities will help rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Take a break from focusing on yourself and your own ego. Instead, ask yourself how you can be a part of a change that's far bigger than you.

Involve yourself in community efforts and share the wealth with your friends.

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  8. This is an opportunity to make a difference in the world and feel proud of it. Set your sights on your career and your long-term goals for success.

    Moon in Virgo - Your Virgo Moon

    If you've been doubting your path or procrastinating on making your dreams happen, now's the time to make a decision and stick with it. You can't be recognized for your work if you never put yourself out there. You're on the verge of a journey toward expansion.

    https://frinourapma.tk Let go of your need to have control, and instead let life's opportunities open up. Take a chance on something you might normally ignore because there is wisdom to be found in the most unexpected places.

    Moon in Virgo // Emotional Virgo

    Life is a mystery, so embrace it. You desire truth, depth, and freedom from anything holding you back. You may have to go through a major transformation in order to get the clarity you seek. Sink into your soul more deeply and fall in love more spiritually. Trust that there is meaning in darkness. It's time to commit to a new relationship, strengthen an existing one, or sever your ties with someone who isn't good for you to be around.

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